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Collaboration with performers

If you are interested in performing at the Amadeo Theatre and Music Company, please send an inquiry using Contacts section.


The Amadeo Company works with a number of culture and other institutions. In case you are searching for a partner for any of the fields that the Amadeo Company is dealing with, it would be our pleasure to talk and find a common interest.

You can contact us from the Contacts section for all information you might need.

In case you need our photos in full resolution and without the watermark, please do not hesitate to contact us. Chose the photo that you would like to use and send us its exact location so we could send you back the original.

In case you are interested in filming the programmes that are taking place in the Amadeo Theatre and Music Company, we kindly ask you contact us so we can make arrangements beforehand.

A selection of newspaper articles about the Amadeo Company can be found in the Press section.


Information about the Amadeo Company are also available on Wikipedia, on our Facebook profile, on our Facebook page, on the Facebook page of the Amadeoff Festival and on Twitter.

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Scena Amadeo Vam može ponuditi slijedeće načine oglašavanja:

  1. Postavljanje transparenta s Vašim logotipom ili porukom u okviru gledališta 2,5 x 2,5 m;
  2. Aplikacije Vašeg logotipa na banerima postavljenim na pročelje Hrvatskog prirodoslovnog muzeja;
  3. Aplikacije Vašeg logotipa u programskim knjižicama Scene Amadeo za srpanj/kolovoz i kolovoz/rujan (cca. 10.000 knjižica);
  4. Mogućnost umetka tiskanog letka u programske knjižice po dogovoru;
  5. Kontinuirano oglašavanje na web stranicama, Facebook profilu Scene Amadeo, Facebook stranici Scene AmadeoFacebook stranici Amadeoff festivala i na Twitteru


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